This VHF / UHF WebSdr is located at the Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, formerly R.A.F. Hack Green, now a working museum.

Location: ( 53° 1' 53'' N / -2° 31' 4'' W) QRA= IO83RA. / NGR SJ64590-47875

Operated by the Stoke-on-Trent ARS, SysOps are Joe ZL1PMY, Tony G1HMO and Martin G7CKX

Any queries regarding this websdr please contact 'hackgreensdr at'

Why not check out our HF websdr at Hack Green, you can view it here :-
For more information on the Websdr project, visit

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28/03/2024 Our ISP is having issues with the microwave link that feeds Hack Green, this is causing outages and is being worked on.

31/03/2020 Thanks to the very kind folks at the Northern Utah Websdr, I have implemented DSP noise reduction and a second notch filter, also on FM there is now de-emphasis on the audio and sub-audible tone filtering.

If you would like to donate to help pay the electricity bill and allow us to further improve the websdr please do so below.

Full details here Websdr DSP Features

The latest Firefox update (August 2022) has stopped audio from automatically playing on the Websdr, you now have to specifically ALLOW it to play. I do not use Firefox, but it looks like you need to load the Websdr page, then depending on the Firefox version, go to settings, privacy, permissions, autoplay and enable sound.

The latest update to Chrome has once again broken the Websdr, see this document for workarounds.

If you are having problems after updating Java to version 8.0.45 then follow these instructions :- Java 8.0.45 problem

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As with the HF websdr, the chatbox has been removed due to inappropriate posts by certain individuals.